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Trigger Job

A Trigger Job is not just reducing the pull weight of your trigger. It is an overall improvement to your triggers performance by removing creep, reducing pull weight, and reducing the reset to create a smooth overall trigger action and a more accurate firearm. Having too much pull weight will reduce accuracy as you tend to pull yourself off target. With a reduced trigger pull weight you are able to maintain your sight picture and stay on target. No safeties are disabled in any way. I can do the standard trigger job without really reducing the trigger pull weight for those more comfortable with heavier a trigger.

Trigger creep is that movement just before the hammer falls. When you take up the slack in your trigger until it stops, but doesn’t drop the hammer is not the creep. The creep is that slight movement that happens when you are at that stopping point and then pull to fire and the trigger has movement or travel before the hammer falls. We can get rid of that trigger creep and create a crisp clean break and reduce your pull weight with a professional trigger job.

All of our work is done in house in Southeast Tennessee, just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee.