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Stock Refinishing

We can refinish you fine firearm stock to your desire. The finishes vary depending on customer preferences. The stock finishes available are a satin finish, high gloss finish, oil finish, or custom coatings depending on you need.

For starters, chemically removing the finish and cleaning the wood is the only way to ensure a minimal amount of wood will be removed. This is done to ensure the stock’s transition to the firearm is maintained. We remove all dents by steaming the piece and use minimal sanding techniques to remove blemishes in the wood. These techniques will keep the stock in the original factory dimensions while still looking new. The wood’s original color and finish are maintained. The wood is brought back to its original sharpness. This finish is sanded with a fine grit paper; filler is added where needed then lightly sanded. From this point on, any finish can be applied to bring your gun’s stock to the desired look and feel you desire.