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Glass Bedding

Glass Bedding is an improvement process that involves remolding or filling in the inside of the stock where the action mounts into the stock. We use an epoxy or fiber glass mixture and pour it in the stock to conform to the bottom of the receiver. We apply a release agent to the receiver so the epoxy sticks to the wood and not the receiver, then put the receiver into the stock and tighten the action down. Then you let it dry. This results in a stock that conforms to the bottom of the barrel and the receiver. Glass bedding is a way to solve a problem when the gun is not shooting accurately. Whenever the gun is taken down to be cleaned, it allows the receiver to be tightened down in the same place every time.

Glass bedding along with a good trigger job are probably the two most effective actions an individual can take to improve the accuracy of their gun/firearm.

All of our work is done in house in Southeast Tennessee, just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee.