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Cerakote Finishes

Old Hickory Gunsmithing is a licensed gunsmith providing Cerakote refinishing services located in southeast Tennesse near Chattanooga. With Cerakote firearms coating facilities onsite, we have a comprehensive selection of Cerakote ceramic coatings with a wide selection of colors in both H and C series, to completely refinish your gun/firearm etc. We are able to meet most specialized needs and requirements for gunsmithing or firearm refinishing. We are a FFL license holder, so shipping your firearm is no problem. These specialized Protective Firearm Coatings are applied to your Guns or other sporting equipment (knives, scopes etc) to protect against scrapes, scratches, bangs and bruises. Ultimately protecting the firearm from the elements as it stops rust before it starts, this is the ultimate in gun protection using premium ceramic gun coatings. This is one time where looks do matter.

Give your blue worn firearm a new lease on life with one of our state-of the art durable firearm finishes. You can add some personality to your favorite weapon with a custom pattern or color, the color combinations are endless compared to standard gun bluing. With our custom gun refinishing you no longer have to worry about handling a favorite firearm, forgetting to wipe it down and then putting back in safe (hot or cold gun bluing). Years from now it will still look like the day you put it back in the safe (unrusted). Our firearm refinishing has protected it from the oil on your skin from rusting the finish like standard bluing. Resistant to saltwater, scratches, chipping, and all cleaners made specifically for cleaning pistols, rifles, and knives are safe to use.

Cerakote coating and gun refinishing services are available for rifles, handguns and shotguns, as well as optics and accessories. Cerakote ceramic coatings can be used to coat a wide range of properly prepared substrates including all metals, including titanium, aluminum and magnesium, and most plastics and polymers used in firearms frames, stocks and high-quality accessories. Special Cerakote ceramic coatings are available for tight tolerance, high-wear internal parts, such as bolts, bolt carriers, barrels, bushings, etc and for high-temp applications up to 1700, such as suppressors and machinegun barrels.

Cerakote ceramic firearms coatings are available in single color, two-tone and multi-tone as well as basic and complex camouflage. Dont hesitate to drop us an email or ship your item direct for seemless delay free customer service. Thanks for allowing Old Hickory Gunsmithing provide your gunsmith needs in southeast Tennessee just outside of Chattanooga, and let us restore or refinish that treasured firearm with Cerakote and give your gun a new lease on life.