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Gun Cleaning and Firearm Inspection

Gun Cleaning and Firearm Inspection can be for both regualr maintenance for seasonal activity, or for an old gun found hidden in the attic.

Complete cleaning and inspection includes:
Disassembly of the entire gun
Removing all old lubricants
Cleaning out dirt and powder residue from working parts and barrel
Inspection of all working parts for excessive wear, metal fatigue, bends, cracks or breakage
Reassemble, lubricate, and apply protective oils to all metal parts
Clean and inspect stocks and grips for wear, cracks or other issues
Apply appropriate wax, oils, or protectant to the stock or grips
I will contact you if there are any problems found and explain what should be done or fixed prior to re-assembling.

Cleaning does not include removal of rust and Blue Finishing, Cerakote Finishing or Stock Refinishing. I am happy to discuss these refinishing services with you and help you with all of you gun and firearm needs.